Viessmann is world renowned for its air conditioning products and energy solutions. At the main site in Allendorf, the company canteen offers a multifunctional communal area that reflects the innovative character of the company.
Detail of a company canteen equipped with seating areas and plants.

The canteen not only offers a feel-good atmosphere, but also inspiring areas for agile working. The concept was realized thanks to our versatile Multi-Lane ceiling support system.

Detail view of the dining area of a canteen with curtains separating the room.

Multi-Lane ensures that the canteen has plenty of places to retreat. Large curtains divide the common area into smaller segments.

Seating area of a canteen separated by a curtain.

Meeting tables and whiteboards were even used on the ceiling rails of the system - ideal conditions for productive meetings!

Room with a seating area and whiteboards hanging from the ceiling.

At the same time, the multi-lane supports remain movable at all times - so the canteen can be adapted precisely to the needs of its users. For example, the whiteboards on castors can be pulled up or pushed away as required.

Luminaires are also suspended in the ceiling rails and can be used flexibly for the individual illumination of individual sub-areas. The fresh plant decoration of the multi-lane supports rounds off the overall picture and completes the equally elegant and inviting ensemble.

Overview of a company canteen.
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