Flexibility in the presentation of goods

    The Beam profile can be inserted into various wall materials or mounted on walls provided by the customer, be it plaster, wood, stone or glass. It has been designed so that the slot of the profile remains invisible from the front. Merchandise supports such as suspension arms, brackets, support rods, suspension hooks or hook rails and poster holders can simply be engaged from the front in a 50 mm grid.

    Beam makes rooms appear higher than they are. This effect is created by emphasizing the vertical. For special requirements, the system can be used on both sides.


    • Height adjustment not visible from the front, therefore the technology can be concealed
    • For front, double-sided or rear mounting
    • Compatible with wood, glass, gypsum, concrete and brick walls
    • Load suitable for up to 75 kg per 1000 mm profile length

    Information and downloads

    You will find further data and materials in our downloads.