About us

We develop modular furnishing and space defining systems for stores, offices and other commercial spaces. Our solutions support the expression of our customers’ brand identity and creative vision. The cleverly designed systems remain in use for many years in ever-changing configurations.
Man in a blue shirt presents a tray carrier to a woman.

Our mission

Visplay assists architects and brands in fulfilling their vision of unique and appealing retail spaces. We develop modular systems that function as key elements in interior layouts.

Our solutions are flexible, durable and sustainable. Easily reconfigured to suit changing demands and expectations, Visplay systems deliver the versatility required in agile spaces. Thanks to built-in electrification solutions, our systems facilitate the use of lighting and digital technology throughout the retail store.

Invisible Design® is our philosophy: we strive to fulfil our clients’ visions without compromise or unnecessary visual distractions.

Five employees look at a construction drawing lying on the table in front of them.

Our expertise

Design and construction

As design engineers, we are passionate about developing system solutions for commercial interiors with a key focus on intelligent connections, high weight load capacity with minimal dimensions, flexibility of use, and structures that are easy to assemble, reconfigure and clean. We inject all our design creativity into the development of versatile and adaptable systems that remain up-to-date and in active use for many years, thereby protecting natural resources. We work hand in hand with brands and architects to assist them in accomplishing their vision.

Electrified solutions

Electrical power is required throughout retail spaces for the use of lighting, digital devices and other equipment. Our systems are ingeniously designed to ensure that electricity is available wherever needed, with integrated power cables and technical components that are cleverly concealed. From illuminated merchandise supports and electronic shelf labels to the use of interactive screens, our electrified systems offer countless display possibilities at the point of sale. A number of products are also suited to office environments, where they enable an intelligent use of power lighting and lighting.

Invisible Design®

Invisible Design® is Visplay’s philosophy: our systems and solutions have an understated quality that blends into the architecture and interior design of any space. This keeps the focus where it belongs: on the merchandise.

Visual layout

Our modular systems are suited to a wide range of goods, from clothing and beauty products to food and digital equipment. When developing a system, our engineers never lose sight of the visual organisation of the product display. Visplay’s flexible systems and solutions can be easily reconfigured and adapted as needed to ensure that the merchandise presentation is always eye-catching and appealing.

An employee places a shelf in a shelving system.

Our values

Quality and safety

Visplay strives to achieve the highest level of product quality and safety. All Visplay products are designed to support the indicated weight loads with sufficient safety margins. They are rigorously tested and product safety is certified by state-recognised institutions: our systems have CE and UL certification. We take great care to ensure that the durable, high-precision surface finish and smooth mechanical connections between system components are preserved throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. All processes in our company are subject to a management system that is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard and the ISO 14001 environmental standard.


Visplay’s commitment to protecting the environment goes without saying and it is our goal to become a net-zero company. Significant progress is made each year and we continually strive to reduce the company’s ecological footprint. We believe that our most important contribution to the environment is the longevity and inherent flexibility and adaptability of our systems. When we see that products we delivered twenty or more years ago are still in good condition today, we are inspired to continue researching and developing options that will further enhance the versatility of our systems. This is our contribution to the sustainable design of tomorrow’s commercial interiors.

Bird's eye view of the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany.

Our company site

Visplay’s headquarters and showroom are located on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. The Vitra Campus is a unique ensemble of contemporary architecture and attracts a great number of visitors throughout the year.  We invite you to experience a day at the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. For more information on exhibitions at the Vitra Design Museum and about guided architectural tours of the campus, please visit the Vitra website.

Make an appointment to visit our showroom, where we demonstrate the versatility of our systems.

Vitra and Visplay are sister companies with a history spanning more than 85 years. We operate independently but with a shared passion for design and attractive spaces.