Kadokawa’s Tokorozawa campus uses innovative space concepts to provide flexible solutions for the ever-evolving work environment. This particular concept was implemented using the versatile Invisible 6 system.
A bright room with beige modern furniture.

In 2020, one of Japan's publishers, Kadokawa, opened a new office - the Kadokawa Tokorozawa Campus. The idea behind the office is a kind of "fluctuating landscape".

A detail shot of a modern room with a large plant in the foreground.

The office space of approximately 9,000 square feet represents a continuum, a single area without walls or divisions. Invisible 6 was used to create a "relaxation zone" where creative communication among each other is encouraged.

A bright room with modern lounge furniture and a couch area.

Various materials and high-quality furnishings also ensure a harmonious overall appearance.

A bright room with meeting tables.
Flooat, Okamura, Suppose Design Office
Tomooki Kengaku