Power all along the line

    Xero Twin P/L is the electrified version of the Xero wall system - for both walls and mid-space superstructures. The system is based on vertical profiles made of aluminum. There are two options for mounting: either the profiles can be mounted on wooden panels or attached to the wall using a substructure. The panels can then be hung between the profiles using suspension sets. In this way, the elements can be easily replaced - and the room always appears in a new look.

    The special feature of Xero Twin P/L is the double slot of the system: This allows two merchandise supports to be hooked in next to each other. Alternatively, a merchandise support with a central mounting arm can be used. This allows an axis-dependent or an axis-independent presentation. Xero L P/L is suitable as the end profile.

    The bus bars are invisibly integrated into the profile. Various merchandise supports can be hooked into the profiles. The LED lighting is automatically supplied with power after it is hooked in. Digital devices can also be integrated into the 24-volt electrification.


    • Electrification enables integration of digital devices and light
    • Axis-independent mounting possible due to central mounting arms
    • Can be combined with Xero L P/L profiles, merchandise supports and placement elements
    • Great flexibility and individuality in the planning of the system with a wide range of different product carriers and placement elements
    • Shadow gap creates calm, structured room impressions
    • Load suitable for up to 100 kg per 1000 mm profile length
    • Optionally also available non-electrified
    • Certifications: UL

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