Xero Twin

Xero Twin consists of an vertical aluminium profile and is combined with a diverse range of merchandise supports that are simply inserted into the profiles to create high-quality displays and decorative highlights.

The special feature of the Xero Twin system is the profile’s double slot, which enable two merchandise supports to be inserted side by side for fixed axis presentations. Alternatively, shelves can be fitted on a central support arm for a cross-axis display.  Xero L is suited as the end profile.

Electrical rails (24V) are concealed within the profile instantly powering LED lighting when the merchandise supports are hooked into place. Digital devices can therefore also be integrated in the display.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Electrification allows the incorporation of digital devices and lighting
  • Central support arm allows cross-axis use
  • High degree of planning flexibility along with a wide range of merchandise supports and fittings
  • Shadow joint creates calm, structured interiors
  • Suitable for heavy goods
  • Optionally available without electrificationCan be easily reconfigured (replaceable panels)
  • UL-certified

Product catalogue and downloads

You can find our catalogue items here.

Further information material, such as assembly instructions, 2D and 3D planning data, as well as drawings of glass and wood parts, can be found in our download section.