Merchandise presentations and room lighting in a single rail: the ceiling rail system Multi-Lane is installed directly under the ceiling.

The profiles can be equipped with merchandise supports and ceiling luminaires, as well as elements that serve to structure and separate spaces or conceal utility installations. 

With the electrified version of Multi-Lane and its integrated power rails, there is no need for raised floors, floor boxes or unsightly cables. Merchandise support frames with integrated power (24V) and ceiling lighting (230V) can be installed side-by-side in the profile – LED spotlights and digital devices such as cameras or monitors are instantly powered through a simple connection. 

Multi-Lane offers multiple layout possibilities: the retail space can be designed using free-floating frames with optional floor attachment, in addition to presentation units on castors or display uprights – along with a wide range of merchandise supports.

Flexible wall panels can also be added to divide and structure spaces. Multi-Lane is a versatile system, easily modifiable to suit temporary events or changing needs.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Easy reconfiguration of entire spaces 
  • Electrification allows the incorporation of digital devices and lighting 
  • Flexible and customised layouts 
  • Suitable for both lightweight and heavy goods 
  • Optionally available with electrification 
  • UL-certified 

Product catalogue and downloads

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Further information material, such as assembly instructions, 2D and 3D planning data, as well as drawings of glass and wood parts, can be found in our download section.