Room lighting and product presentation in one rail

    The electrified ceiling system Multi-Lane opens up unique possibilities. The suspended merchandise supports create the impression of a floating presentation of goods. For temporary occasions and flexible use of space, the system can be changed effortlessly.

    If desired, the system can be electrified. In this case, commercially available power rails are integrated into the ceiling rail system, which makes raised floors or power tanks in the floor superfluous. Thus, merchandise supports with power supply (24 V) and ceiling lights (230 V) can be used simultaneously. In addition, digital devices such as cameras or screens can be attached to the system and supplied with power.

    The system is compatible with rails from many lighting manufacturers and digital devices. Elements or LED spots based on 24 V can be easily inserted into Multi-Lane and locked in place.

      With Multi-Lane, different room stagings are possible: Free-floating frames that do not touch the floor. Supports that are fixed to ceiling rails as well as to the floor, and frames or supports into which various merchandise supports are inserted.


        • Simple, tool-free conversion of the entire surface and always rearranged equipment
        • Electrification enables integration of digital devices and light
        • Fastening materials between the ceiling rails
        • Great flexibility in the design of the area and customizability
        • Load suitable for up to 150 kg per running meter
        • Optionally available electrified
        • Certifications: UL

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