We offer the listed standard colours for merchandise supports and equipment options for many systems and products. Please note that not all surfaces are available for every product carrier and every assembly option.

Standard colours

Traffic white duro

Black metal tube.

Steel black duro

Silver shiny metal tube.


Light silver duro

Light silver mistral

Silver metal tube.


Special colours

The listed special colours are available for all systems and products on request.

Blue metal tube.

Midnight blue

Highland Green

Black metal tube.

Dark bronze

Golden metal tube.

Champagne Gold

Green metal tube.

Forest Green

Sterling silver duro

Bronze-colored metal tube.

Rosé bronze


For aluminum, anodizing is used as a finishing process. Specifically, we are talking about the electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum. This creates a wear-resistant protective layer on the system parts. We use the following surface colours for the aluminum profiles in the Invisible 3, Invisible 6 P/L, Invisible 8, Stripes, MixMix, Beam, Xero 4, Xero 8, Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L systems.

Silver matte metal tube.

Aluminum natural anodized

Aluminum black anodized


Maple champagne

Premium White

Oak nature

Soft Black


Clear glass

Satin glass white underprinted

Satin glass

Satin glass black underprinted

More colors & finishes

The colours and surfaces presented here are often used by us and have proven themselves in use. However, depending on the scope of the project, concept and intended use, other colours and surfaces are also possible. Our Solution Managers will be happy to advise you on finding the right solution for you.