Front view of the checkout area of a pharmacy.

In the checkout area, Invisible 6 P/L sets the scene for small-item merchandise for visual selection. The assortment can be rearranged at any time, and the shelves for goods of different heights can be easily moved. The checkout area is generously designed to offer customers sufficient discretion. And thanks to the cooperation with pharmacy specialist BD Rowa, it is equipped with modern conveyor technology that quickly transports the desired products to the checkout.

  • Checkout area of a pharmacy with focus on sight selection.
  • Interior of a pharmacy with view to the cash register.

    In the entrance and shop window area, the Omnio P/L structure system deliberately provides a view through - both from the outside to the inside and vice versa. Omnio P/L can be extended in all directions and thus creates a great deal of flexibility.

    • Interior of a pharmacy with view to the shop window.
    • Interior design of a pharmacy with equipped shelves.

      A highlight wall was designed with Invisible 6 P/L for the preselection rear wall. The 24V power rail integrated in the system is used for direct illumination. This not only prevents shadows on the goods, but also gives them the attention they deserve.

      Detail view of a shelf equipped with beauty products.
      Martin Hasemann
      Apothekenbau Noller