Xero L

Xero L is an electrified vertical aluminium profile that can be used to create cabinets, alcove units and wall structures of many different sizes. Shelves and display accessories are simply hooked into the profile slots.

For multi-axis constructions, it is recommended to combine the system with Xero Twin. Xero L is mounted on wall panels or wooden side panels, or can be installed on existing walls with the aid of a substructure.

Panel elements are suspended between the profiles and can be easily replaced and repositioned. Thanks to electrical rails (24V) concealed within the profile, merchandise supports with LED lighting are instantly powered when inserted. Digital devices can also be easily integrated.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Electrification allows the incorporation of digital devices and lighting
  • System offers maximum planning flexibility
  • Shadow joint creates calm, structured interiors
  • Suitable for heavy goods
  • Optionally available without electrification
  • UL-certified

Product catalogue and downloads

You can find our catalogue items here.

Further information material, such as assembly instructions, 2D and 3D planning data, as well as drawings of glass and wood parts, can be found in our download section.