Separate, structure, accentuate

    Xero L P/L is an electrified wall system - especially for wall cabinets, niches and wall superstructures. For multi-axis superstructures, a combination of Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L is recommended. The installation takes place on the panel or the side walls made of wood - or using a substructure on the wall.

    The panels with suspension sets hang between the profiles, making it easy to replace and rehang the elements. The bus bars are incorporated into the profile in such a way that they remain invisible. Merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically supplied with power after hanging. The 24-volt electrification also allows digital devices to be integrated.


    • Electrification enables integration of digital devices and light
    • High flexibility and individuality in the planning of the system
    • Shadow gap creates calm, structured room impressions
    • Load suitable for up to 100 kg per 1000 mm profile length
    • Optionally also available non-electrified
    • Certifications: UL

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