FOS is a mobile, 230 V electrified office system. It can be configured into micro-architectural structures that can be used to define the purpose of workspaces in very different ways. From teamwork, workshops, meetings and presentations to agile workspaces and focused individual work.


FOS can be changed easily and quickly according to the respective requirements. By connecting individual units using shelves or worktops, space-creating structures can be created with a height grid of 100 mm.

Modular construction kit

FOS can be used in front of the wall or as a room-dividing or structuring system. The elements made of birch veneer with multiplex look give a natural expression to any environment.

Connection of FOS modules

With the connection of mobile units by connecting frames or worktops, large structures can be created that can still be moved flexibly in the room. The lateral grid allows individual arrangement and adjustment of height.

Hook-in boards

The mobile elements from FOS can be equipped with pin boards, whiteboards and acoustic walls. The acoustic felt from ARCHISONIC® is made from recycled PET bottles and is available in various colours.

The whiteboards are hooked into the shelf systems and wall rails and can be moved in no time at all. They can be written on both sides.

Pin and whiteboards can be hung in a wall rail. The combination of fixed and mobile elements enables use throughout the room.


FOS is electrified with 230 V as standard. The optional additional electrification with 24 V connection offers further functions.

Organization office

The FOS shelving elements are complemented by a coat rack and a mobile high table. The connecting frame with coat rail can be adjusted in height. The mobile standing table not only functions as a work island, but there is also a storage area under the mobile standing table, which provides additional storage space.


  • Room separation and organization
  • Modular construction kit
  • Use as a work surface
  • Optical and noise-insulating room separation
  • Serial 230V power distribution
  • Integrated 24V electrification

New in the pCon Community

The configurable FOS data are now available for the pCon community. Log in to pCon.login to request the OFML data.

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