Vertical shadow gap

Thanks to Xero 4, walls and midfloor structures can be individually structured. The profiles can be mounted on a panel from behind - or attached to the wall with a suitable substructure. Wooden panels can be hung between the profiles using suspension sets. The panels can be easily replaced, and the room always appears in a new look.

Xero 4 is particularly suitable for heavy goods. The profiles are perceptible as 4 mm narrow slots in the wall. Different merchandise supports and placement elements can be hooked in, exchanged - and flexibly arranged. The Xero 4 T variant is available for exclusive installation in wooden panels, and the Xero 4 G variant for installation in lightweight gypsum walls.


  • Great flexibility and individuality in the planning of the system

  • Merchandise supports and placement elements can be powder-coated in different colours

  • Goods carriers and placement elements can be easily hooked into the profiles

  • flexible installation: in wooden panels or with a substructure on the wall or integration in middle room furniture

  • Load suitable for up to 100 kg per 1000 mm profile length

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