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    The round sleeve of Mono 12 has an inner diameter of 12 mm. The sleeves are installed in the wall panels. Different product carriers and placement elements can be easily inserted into the sleeves. After snapping in, they are secured against twisting and unhooking.

    Mono 12 can be arranged as desired. Due to the high design freedom, the system is suitable for the presentation of a wide variety of goods and is therefore used in many industries.

    The system is also available in the plastic version Mono 12 light with a smaller outer diameter for lighter goods. For heavy goods there is the electrified version Mono 20 P/L.


    • Sleeves and merchandise supports can be positioned independently of the axis and thus enable free positioning
    • The design is simple and only recognizable as a hole in the wall
    • Load suitable for up to 15 kg per Mono 12 sleeve and for up to 8 kg per Mono 12 Light sleeve

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