Mono 12

The single point support system Mono 12 allows creative wall displays: the round sockets with an inner diameter of 12mm are embedded into wall panels. Merchandise supports, such as shelf brackets, front arms or hanging rails, are simply inserted into the sockets and securely locked in place.

Mono 12 can be arranged in any layout, making the display system ideal for diverse products from a wide range of sectors. The plastic version Mono 12 light is suited to lightweight goods, while the electrified version Mono 20 is intended for heavy items.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Sockets and merchandise supports can be freely positioned, independent of axis
  • Suitable for lightweight goods
  • For installation in wood, glass and other materials

Product catalogue and downloads

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Further information material, such as assembly instructions, 2D and 3D planning data, as well as drawings of glass and wood parts, can be found in our download section.