Marc O'Polo

The international fashion brand Marc O’Polo is synonymous with high-class, contemporary premium casual wear and lifestyle products. The individual style of Marc O’Polo is characterized by its use of natural and sustainable materials, special design details, and high-quality craftsmanship. The use of our Multi-Lane ceiling rail system in its Zurich showroom not only presents a modern aesthetic but also offers practical and flexible room division and product presentation.
Modern Marc O'Polo showroom with Visplay systems in a minimalist design.

The use of floating Multi-Lane merchandise supports within the showroom enables a striking and attractive presentation of both hanging goods and accessories.

Smow Düsseldorf
Konrad-Knoblauch GmbH
ISC Management GmbH (GC)
Hadi Shahveh, arch. (Smow Düsseldorf)
Marc O´Polo Visual Brand Marketing (Store Design)