Retail space equipped with men's fashion.

Qubo 25 P/L underlines the high-quality aesthetics of the interior - and shows off the fine merchandise in the wall area to its best advantage: thanks to electrification, the LED lights are automatically supplied with power when the merchandise supports are inserted and are thus switched on.

Xero L P/L also fits ideally into the image of the store, while Xero Twin P/L opens up countless solutions for individual store design. The system has been built into wall niches and all the merchandise supports, which are very simply hooked into the system, can be moved and exchanged at any time.

  • Elegant commercial space with merchandise carriers and men's fashion.
  • Retail space with a sales counter and merchandise racks.
    Gensler, Chicago/ USA
    High Country Millwork, Colorado/ USA
    Garrett Rowland