Oakley’s flagship store, located within their headquarters in southern California, was renewed. The interior design of the headquarters drew inspiration from the 1982 film “Blade Runner,” resulting in a dystopian ambiance that greeted visitors upon entering the impressive structure. To showcase their range of apparel, accessories and eyewear, our Visplay systems were integrated into the space.
Entrance to Oakley's Headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California.

The company's goal was to transform the headquarters into a welcoming environment to counteract the cool and dystopian atmosphere. For this purpose, various lighting elements and greenery were incorporated.

In order to embrace Oakley's iconic 90s aesthetic, we implemented our versatile merchandise support systems, Xero L and Xero Twin, to showcase their sporty merchandise. The custom shelves, crafted by Icon Design, incorporated our Visplay connector for Xero Twin, ensuring a seamless and functional display solution.

Our horizontal support system Invisible 3 creates a timeless and minimalistic aesthetic to enhance the presentation of Oakley's wide range of sportive gear. The calm appearance of Invisible ensures that the brand's products stand out.

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