Detail of a modern retail space with displays hanging from the ceiling.

Free-floating frames are used in the room staging so that the floor of the showroom remains free. White shelves and support rods are inserted between the black frames to present both hanging and lay-flat goods.

  • Detail view of goods carrier hanging from the ceiling equipped with goods.
  • Detailed view of a goods carrier equipped with clothes.

    The electrified system ensures that merchandise supports with LED lighting automatically receive power after insertion. This makes it easy to integrate free-hanging displays, for example. To ensure optimum lighting of the showroom, there are additional luminaires in the ceiling rails that can be aligned to the desired merchandise as desired.

    • Interior of a retail space of the car manufacturer McLaren with a sports car in the foreground and displays hanging from the ceiling.
    • Overview of the business space of the car manufacturer McLaren.
      McLaren in house
      D Base China