Rose Bike Cologne

For over 100 years, the family business ROSE Bikes has been one of Europe’s top specialist dealers for bicycles and bike accessories. On a total area of 480 sqm, the bicycle specialist relies on our ceiling rail system Multi-Lane.
The exterior facade of the bike store Rose Bike.

Sustainable mobility is the guiding principle of the family business, and this should also be reflected in the store interior. Blocher Partners implements this philosophy in the architecture of the new Cologne location.

A large modern retail space of a bike store.

The floating support system Multi-Lane conveys lightness and creates an open and appealing overall appearance. All elements can be easily moved and rearranged.

A yellow bicycle with a goods carrier including goods in the background.

The innovative concept of ROSE Bikes is reflected by the modern interior style. Multi-Lane sets the right conditions, both optically and technically.

A bright bike store space with bicycles and merchandise racks including merchandise.

The electrified ceiling rails supply the merchandise supports with power to set the merchandise in scene utilizing the integrated lighting.

A black ceiling rail in detail.
Blocher Partners
Hoffmann Interior