A large meeting room with partitions decorated with the logo of the Puma brand.

Power rails were integrated into the ceiling rail system. The entire power supply is routed via the ceiling system, so the floor remains free and the planning is detached from floor boxes. The lighting design for the 3,000 m² area is handled by our partner Zumtobel.

Close-up of a speaker integrated into a ceiling rail system.

This means that not only luminaires can be freely positioned in the profiles, but also the adapters for merchandise supports, walls and digital end devices. New store concepts can be easily and flexibly set up and converted in this way.

  • Close-up of an integrated lighting fixture in the ceiling rail system.
  • Close-up of the profile in the ceiling rail system.
  • Ceiling rail system with inserted partition.
  • Showroom with glass fronts and mannequins.
  • Sporty exhibition space with placed merchandise carriers.
    Johann Böhm Architekten und Ingenieure
    Schlegel GmbH
    Luminaire designer
    Zumtobel Lighting GmbH
    Schmitt Photodesign