Visplay's history

Visplay and Vitra share a long history of over 85 years. Originally, they emerged from store fitting and the production of display furniture. Over time, the companies evolved and today stand as independent sibling companies. Visplay has always remained true to its roots and continues to focus on the production of modular store fitting systems.


Willi Fehlbaum takes over the Graeter company for store windows and store fitting systems in Basel.


The Vitra company is founded and from then on specializes in store fitting systems and furniture construction.

Modular shelving system from 1971 by Vitrashop.


The Converta shelving system is launched on the market.

Shopfitting solution from Visplay from 1972.


The Combistar shopfitting system is launched on the market.


The company is divided into Vitrashop (shopfitting) and Vitra (furniture construction).


Vitrashop at the Euroshop fair.


Vitrashop is divided into Visplay, specializing in the design and manufacture of systems and Vizona, specializing in projects.

Euroshop 2002


Visplay is integrated into the Vitra company and produces under the same name.

Euroshop 2017

Entrance to Visplay's showroom on the Vitra Campus.


Since 2019, we have been operating as an independent company and continue to develop modular systems for commercial spaces.

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