Hybrid pharmacy

For centuries, pharmacies have been recognized points of contact for the purchase of medicines and drugs. However, this classic image of the pharmacy has been undergoing a major change for some time now: More and more, health services and a diverse range of body care and wellness products are also expected here.

Recently, there has been an increasing focus on the shopping experience - from trustworthy advice to the skillful presentation of beauty and lifestyle products.

Close-up of the visual selection of a pharmacy.

Skillful interior design

Whether body care or wellness shakes - the expanded assortment must be presented in an appealing way to provide the customer with a pleasant and versatile shopping experience. A clear structuring of the sales area should restage the space and, in addition to the classic pharmacy range, be divisible into different thematic areas such as travel, wellness, allergies, vaccinations, etc. Some of Visplay's systems are ideal for this purpose: they combine unobtrusive, clear design with a high level of functionality and can be easily installed and adapted to changing requirements at any time. In cooperation with BD Rowa and the interior designer Sophie Reich, we developed a fictitious pharmacy concept, which we would like to present to you here.

Modern sales area of a pharmacy with equipped shelves.

Pop-up space

Pop-up areas define the shopping experience in a pharmacy because they are often found in the entrance area: This is where customers enter, where you can surprise them with offers from the free choice range and a well-designed pop-up area. The pop-up areas should be adaptable to a wide variety of themes and can be used for different purposes - quickly, easily and again and again. Thanks to its flexibility, the Multi-Lane ceiling rail system is ideal for this - whether along the wall or in open space. Its suspended shelves appear as if they are floating; however, they can also be fixed to the floor, in which case their load-bearing capacity is particularly high.

Sales counter & behind-the-counter display

The sales counter plays a central role in a pharmacy: it is not just where products are paid for but is also the place where customers are advised, and discretion is therefore essential. The shelf unit provides generous space for the diverse assortment and the integration of technical devices, enabling an appealing behind-the-counter display. Qubo 25 is electrified and can therefore be equipped with the appropriate lighting concept for harmonious illumination and optimum showcasing of products.

Pillar displays

Existing pillars can be used to present the goods with the appropriate concept. A changeable structure around the pillars creates flexibility for adjustments - the Qubo 25 structure system is suitable for this. Depending on the pillar, it is possible to work with overlapping shelf elements, where slim fascia panels ensure a calm expression, prevent untidy-looking views and at the same time provide areas for the placement of monitors and digital devices.

Sales area with seating corner and product shelves in the foreground.

Retail wall in self-service zone

Back walls in the preselection area must provide plenty of presentation space for a wide variety of products. In the example, a preselection back wall is equipped with several "cabinets" placed at 90° to each other with Invisible 6. Glass shelves and electronic price labelling are an expression of the modern orientation of the pharmacy. The rails of Invisible 6 can be rearranged at any time and additional rails can be added, for example, to respond to different heights of goods. In this way, the assortment can be structured as desired.

Mid-floor furnishings

The pharmacy's central space is ideally used in such a way that the customer is guided through the room along current offers. The Omnio and Qubo 25 systems are ideal for a wide range of mid-floor furniture - both as classic chests for small items and special offers, and for other elements up to the checkout area. They can be illuminated and, if required, fitted with electronic or analogue price labelling.

Shop window with a view of a pharmacy.

Shop windows

Well-designed shop windows are the flagship of the pharmacy. They allow an insight into the interior of the pharmacy and at the same time present important products and information. For this purpose, Multi-Lane is again ideally suited. Here, the three levels of Multi-Lane rails offer the possibility of integrating lighting, hanging decorations, curtains, banners and digital screens, weather displays as well as information on opening hours and much more.

A modern sales area of a pharmacy with a vaccination station.

Vaccination campaigns

To adapt the sales area to current requirements, such as vaccination campaigns, our products can also provide relief. For this purpose, discreet partitions can be created for booths or waiting areas that can be separated from the sales area and used for product presentation at the same time. This creates a harmonious fusion of sales and service without interfering with day-to-day business.

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