Visplay offers a wide range of electrified systems. From the supply of illuminated product carriers to electronic price tags and the integration of digital devices - electrified systems offer countless possibilities in terms of product presentation at the point of sale.
Wall with integrated product carriers and screens is supplied with power.

LED spots and integrated LED lighting

Visplay's electrified systems allow the seamless integration of different lighting concepts. With our Multi-Lane and Qubo Wall systems, in addition to the illumination of the merchandise supports, LED spotlights can also be easily suspended laterally in the frames or supports of the systems. For the lighting, we use a very high-quality and modern LED technology (CRI > 90).

An LED spotlight is inserted into the frame of the product carrier, which supplies it with power and lights it up.

The electrified shelves of the different systems can be easily hooked in or plugged in. Merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically supplied with power after insertion.

An electrified shelf is lifted out of the metal support, which interrupts the power supply.

The Clarea shelves are simply hooked into the Invisible 6 profile, which is part of the Invisible Design® product family, and automatically supplied with power via it. The trays are available in different dimensions, light temperatures and, on request, in other foil coatings.

When an illuminated tray carrier is removed from an integrated slot in the wall, the light on the tray goes out.

Use of Multi-Lane ceiling rails

The ceiling rails of Multi-Lane provide an infrastructure for the lighting of the store. This means that the luminaires can be freely positioned in the profiles. New store concepts can be easily and flexibly converted in this way.

Monitors and digital devices

Monitors or digital devices such as tablets and smartphones in a shop allow access to local data or the company's own online shop. In addition, the electrification of our Multi-Lane system, for example, allows cameras to be installed on the ceiling system and supplied with power directly - for security or for analytical purposes.


  • Creation of interactive elements & generation of a digital customer experience

  • Link to online store, social media, etc.

  • Individual payment through digital checkout systems, promotion of seamless check-out, reduction of waiting times

  • Support for navigation in the store

An integrated screen in the shelving system is supplied with power.

Electronic price tags

Electronic price tags are used in all areas and industries. The electronic price tags are attached to the desired system by clipping and because they draw their energy from the invisibly guided 3V power rail, there is even no need to replace batteries.

There are no limits to the possibilities, among other things, product description, graphics, images, QR codes and barcodes can be displayed in addition to price. Different apps can be connected to the ESLs. For example, you can find such a product faster. Via the app, you select the right product and the small LED light on the ESL lights up.


  • Price automation / price intelligence

  • Real-time product location and planogram management

  • Picking and replenishment optimization

  • No batteries required, ESLs draw power from the electrified racking systems

  • Attached to the desired system by clipping

  • Easy updates via computer or tablet

  • Data analysis in the follow-up

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