Workation in Australia

At a time when flexibility and mobility are gaining ground, new avenues are opening up for employees to balance work commitments with their personal interests and life goals. Franziska, our Content Marketing Manager, took this opportunity to temporarily relocate her home base to Australia to work remotely.

What made you decide to work remotely from Australia? 

I was an au pair in Australia about six years ago and had long been planning a return visit to see my host family and friends there. But as it is a such a long journey ‘down under’, I wanted to extend my stay and combine work with my holiday. As Visplay offers the option of working remotely and the necessary infrastructure is available, it wasn’t much of a problem to relocate to the southern hemisphere. So, at the end of February 2024, I headed off to Australia for three months.

What challenges can such a stay entail and how did you organise your working hours?

The six-hour time difference was a bit of a challenge at first. I started my working day when everyone in Germany was still asleep. It was very strange working alone at the beginning, but after a while it really suited me, and I used the time difference to my advantage. I was able to concentrate on projects in the morning and used the afternoon – when my colleagues were starting the day with a morning coffee – for meetings and discussions. My lunch breaks also took on a different form; when I was back in the office I used to go to the canteen with my colleagues. Now my breaks consisted of cooling off in the pool or going for a walk on the beach. I used the free time to recharge my batteries for the afternoon.

What did you do in Australia outside of your working hours?

I spent most of my time on the west coast with my former au pair family and we did a lot of activities together. At the weekend I went on excursions, spent time on the beach, swam in the pool and met up with friends. Because I had a normal working day, it felt almost as though I actually lived there. After nearly two months on the west coast of Australia, I travelled to the east coast, backpacking from Sydney to Cairns, combining work and travel.

What was it actually like mixing work and travel?

After being in a fixed location for the first two months and having a proper daily routine, it was of course a big transition. On the east coast, I stayed in hostels with lots of other young travellers. While the others were enjoying various activities and excursions, I would look for a nice café and settle down to work. I really liked working in this way and found the change of location a great source of inspiration and motivation. I generally always did something fun after work.

What have you learned from your time in Australia?

My experience was very positive. For many employers, the time difference can be a problem. However, for me it was an advantage because I learned how important it is to have time to focus in the morning. If I can concentrate on a project and not be distracted by questions, emails, phone calls etc., I am much more productive. Being able to combine work and holiday in a workation is a great opportunity.

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