Adapt, reuse & recycle

Visplay systems facilitate the sustainable design and utilisation of commercial spaces. Our presentation, support and furnishing systems are initially selected and configured based on the client’s current needs. The latter may vary according to the products on display, the interior layout, the brand requirements and the existing design concept. However, demands may alter over time, particularly in fast-paced retail environments, and this is where the primary advantage of Visplay system solutions comes into play: they are flexible and can be adapted to changing needs, saving resources such as time and money, and also reducing the carbon footprint.

A new space. New merchandise. A new look. We are committed to prolonging the life of our systems by guaranteeing the lasting availability of system components and enabling reconditioning. Our product designs and high-quality manufacturing are geared towards durability and longevity. As a result, our systems sometimes change owners, enjoying many more years of utilisation on the second-hand market. We would like to promote this reuse and repurposing ourselves in future in the interests of the circular economy.

Most of our systems are already made from recyclable materials such as steel, aluminium and die-cast zinc. In 2023, these materials represented 86% of our procurement. The proportion of recycled materials used in production is also continuously increasing. When our systems reach the end of their service life, they can be almost completely recycled. Over and over again.

Visplay systems allow architects to design spaces more sustainably, while businesses benefit from the flexible and modular structure of the display solutions. Their versatile configurations enable continuous transformation and lasting relevance. At Visplay, we have always believed in a systems approach, which is why we have been thinking in solutions and offering modular systems for over 85 years.

Further information on sustainability at Visplay and our sustainability report can be found here:

Sustainability at Visplay

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