Invisible Design

    Invisible 6 P/L is a horizontal support system based on aluminum profiles. With this system, walls can be individually structured and designed.

    Different merchandising supports and fittings are hooked into the profile and can be repositioned anywhere along its length as required – for a personalised layout. Thanks to the high degree of design freedom, Invisible 6 P/L is suitable for the presentation of a wide variety of goods and can be used in many areas and sectors. For the presentation of accessories, a panel can be combined with Invisible 3 and accessory holders.

      The power rail integrated into the 6 mm wide profile supplies the merchandise supports with power. The electrification (24 V) also allows digital devices, elements or electronic price tags to be integrated.


      • Electrification enables integration of digital devices and light
      • Shadow gap creates calm, structured room impressions
      • Merchandise supports and placement elements are hooked into the profiles
      • Profiles can be easily moved in height and exchanged
      • Easy to assemble and reassemble
      • Load suitable for up to 40 kg per 625 mm profile
      • Optionally also available non-electrified
      • Certifications: CE Conformity, UL

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