Qubo Wall Catalogue

Qubo Wall upright, centre power supply at base

Qubo wall upright, centre without electrification

Qubo Wall outer upright, right without electrification

Set of connection tubes

Assembly tool

End caps for gondola and display table

24V 8-way distributor with switch input

Extension cable 24 V

Converter 90 W without mains cable

Switching cable 24 V for eight-fold distributor

HV extension cable für LED Konverter

Four-fold distributor set 220–240 V

Mains cable 220–240 V

Tray for cables and ­converters

Slip-on shelf brackets

Back bar for shelf without electrification

Back bar with LED lighting for shelf electrified

LED suspension light

LED spotlight for powered ­upright or hanging frame

Single power adapter 24 V for appliances with Visplay connectors

Hanging rail 25 × 25 mm without electrification

Front arm 25 × 25 mm

Hanging rail 25 × 25 mm with a front arm on each side without electrification

Hanging rail 25 × 25 mm with two front arms on each side without electrification