Efficient use of space

Imagine a retail space that adapts seamlessly to the ever-changing needs of your business. Optimally designed retail spaces not only increase efficiency, but also offer an appealing customer experience. Our modular shopfitting systems offer innovative solutions that harmonize flexibility, design and functionality. Discover the extensive possibilities that the right system can offer.

Flexibility through modularity

Flexibility is essential in shopfitting. Maximize the adaptability of your furnishings with modular systems. Interchangeable components allow you to quickly and easily adapt your store layout to respond to seasonal trends, changes in the product range or special events. Regularly update the store layout and product presentation to keep offering regular customers new incentives to visit your store.

Mobile solutions

Mobile systems offer a new level of adaptability and efficiency in retail. Our mobile system, Qubo M, allows you to optimize your store concept quickly and easily. Qubo M mobile modules are designed to be easily reconfigured and moved, giving you maximum flexibility in the design and use of your retail space.

Zoning of the space

Create clear zones for different product categories to make it easier for customers to find their way around. Our modular shelving systems such as Qubo, Omnio and Kado offer the opportunity to visually delineate different areas without using cumbersome, permanent structures.

Efficient use of space

Maximize your existing space with intelligent storage and display solutions. Use flexible wall systems to make effective use of wall space and keep floor space free for customer aisles.

Digital experiences

Integrate digital elements such as screens or interactive displays that allow customers to explore products via integrated devices. Thanks to Multi-Lane's integrated electrification, digital devices can be seamlessly integrated into the store layout to create optimized customer experiences. Learn more about electrification at Visplay.

Optimal product illumination

The right lighting plays a crucial role in creating an inviting and functional retail environment. Visplay's electrified systems use integrated lighting options or the use of LED spotlights to present products in the best possible light. Invisible 6, for example, is ideal for presenting small items in the beauty or pharmacy sector to great effect. These lighting solutions not only ensure excellent product visualization, but also create an atmospheric design for the entire sales area.

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