Tec-Lane is a ceiling rail system that can be used to structure and power surfaces. The system is developed together with Zumtobel and is designed for joint use with their TECTON system. The basis is a rail system made of aluminum profiles. Merchandise supports or walls can be suspended in the profile. Power and light are supplied by the TECTON rail. Luminaires and other electrical consumers can be inserted into this.

The lane is particularly suitable for joint use with Zumtobel's TECTON system. The TECTON is simply clipped into the Tec-Lane from below, which means that installation and subsequent adjustments can be carried out quickly.

Further information about TECTON

Tec-Lane was developed so that merchandise supports and walls can be hooked in sideways from the floor. Merchandise supports, whiteboards and lightweight partition walls can thus also be hung or moved by one person alone.

The roller adapter enables the elements to be moved in a manner comparable to a ropeway. Together with the lateral hooking, the room layout can be adapted easily and in a short time.


  • Walls and merchandise supports can be suspended from the floor
  • Roller adapter allows walls and merchandise supports to be moved
  • Electrification enables integration of digital devices and light
  • Attachment of materials between the ceiling rails
  • Great flexibility in designing the space and customizability
  • Simple, tool-free conversion of the entire area and always rearranged equipment

Information and downloads

The prototype can be experienced in our showroom Flow. Joint developments and prototypes are possible as of now. If you are interested in Tec-Lane, please contact us.


Would you like to experience Tec-Lane live? Then we look forward to your visit in our new showroom Flow.

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