A sustainable solution

We are convinced that stores and commercial spaces need to be planned and designed more sustainably. The use of systems can make an important contribution to this. Our systems are durable and allow a high degree of flexibility, which means that not only current but also future requirements can be met. This basic attitude has also guided the development of flexible walls.

The flexible walls are available with the already integrated support systems Invisible 6 P/L, Mono 20 P/L and Xero P/L. In addition, we offer a blank variant, which can be individually designed and equipped by you.

    The position of the walls can be changed in a short time. This allows you to make regular changes to the layout of the room. If in the future you want to change the outer panels, they can be repainted or replaced. The inner support structure is durable and can be used in ever-changing configurations.

      As usual for our systems, the flexible walls are also available with 24- and 230-volt electrification. Thus, you can enable lighting on the merchandise display or power supply for displays and other electronic consumers without visible cables from the wall.


      • Position of the walls can be changed flexibly

      • Quick assembly without noise and dirt

      • Stable, durable and reusable support structure

      • Sustainable solution for structuring surfaces

      • Also available with integrated systems Invisible 6 P/L, Mono 20 P/L and Xero P/L

      • Electrification allows integration of digital devices and light

      Would you like to experience the flexible walls live? Then we will be happy to arrange an individual visit for you in our new Flow showroom.

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