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Qubo 25 P/L

Qubo 25 P/L - Detail 2_web_16-9
The structural system Qubo can be assembled as cubes, shelf units, tables, plinths, gondolas and other forms. The system’s simple, understated design accentuates the merchandise on display. Designed with square tubes measuring 25 x 25 mm, Qubo 25 P/L has a slimline, elegant appearance. The range is suited for universal wall and mid-floor structures; shelves and hanging rails can be repositioned at any time. Thanks to the electrification feature, Qubo 25 P/L readily incorporates lighting, including LED shelving, and digital devices. All structures can be easily dismantled or reconfigured. Qubo is also available in the version Qubo 35 P/L, ideal for larger structures and heavier weight loads.