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The Village - EuroShop 2017

Discover 'The Village' at EuroShop in Düsseldorf

Vizona, Ansorg and Vitra are showcasing five illustrative stores at a joint stand, where you can find out more about the core competencies of each company.

Cory – Fashion

Shop windows are a store's calling card, enticing passing customers to set foot in the shop. Both of Cory's shop windows demonstrate this attractive appeal. The engaging entrance with its atrium is deliberately kept minimal. The only eye-catchers are display table Frequently changing collections require versatility. The ceiling rail system and its suspended merchandise supports enable easy configuration of sales interiors. As the wall units do not need to be fixed to the wall, this guarantees utmost flexibility. Digital elements are an integral part of the customer journey. They are not just gimmicks but offer real added value with an emotional factor.

All Goods – Food

Vizona works with clients to develop concepts that prepare stores for a future shaped by digital technologies. The digital invasion of brick-and-mortar retail is illustrated by a wine shelving unit, which features a large monitor with a barcode scanner. This enables customers to independently access supplementary information on the winemakers and growing regions. A checkout with a cashless payment function demonstrates another facet of the available options. Electronic shelf labelling (ESL) simplifies the work of sales staff and reduces pricing errors to a minimum. The underlying concept: paper price tags are replaced by electronic equivalents mounted on the shelf. Each ESL is equipped with a unique identifier and a receiver so that prices can be transferred to the tag and automatically updated from a central location at any time.

The All Goods store uses a neuromarketing technique: the space is sprayed with tiny amounts of a subtle fragrance that was specially developed for the wine display and its vicinity.

Artemis – Automotive

How is it possible to reach and convince a young target audience by offering professional service in a small retail space? Artemis, an inner-city car showroom, aims to provide the answers. Dealerships have previously required a vast floor space to showcase many different car models. This is a disadvantage for any dealer who wants to be in close proximity to customers – and therefore to urban centres.
Artemis serves as an example of how an inner-city showroom can overcome these obstacles. Rather than many cars, just one bestseller is on display – in this particular instance, a customised model. The focus lies on the experience in the store, by enabling visitors to engage directly with numerous customisation options and available equipment features. Genuine samples of fabrics, leathers and paint finishes appeal to all the senses. Individualised interior and exterior configurations bring a personal dimension to the service offered and also to the car itself. The tactile experience is playfully enhanced by digital technologies such as augmented reality and a configurator.

Sepio – Health & Beauty

Sepio demonstrates just what can be achieved in a small retail space. Customers enter a store designed in natural oak and terracotta colours, whose interior is visually in harmony with the natural cosmetics on display. Customers expect comprehensive advice in the cosmetics sector in particular due to the plethora of specialist products. Some products in the Sepio store are equipped with a unique RFID sensor which is detected when placed on the beauty bar. The counter top features a series of small cubes containing the different ingredients, which light up if contained in the identified product. A short description of the benefits appears below each ingredient. Once customers have made their choice, a digital box serves as a checkout and the sales process can be completed. The Sepio store uses a neuromarketing technique: the space is sprayed with tiny amounts of a subtle fragrance that was specially developed for the brand.

Eden – Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics of all types are now mainstream products. They are often characterised by a cold and austere aesthetic and it is not always easy to charge them with emotion. Eden is able to achieve this, for example, by installing a striking projection wall which can be personalised to suit the dealer's requirements. It can show large-scale pictures, trendy music videos, current offers – and much more besides. The retail interior has been reduced to the essential. It is minimalist and uncluttered, while simultaneously offering a high-quality display solution. High-end technical devices are presented on cube-shaped OSB units (oriented strand boards), which further accentuate the products. Electronic shelf labelling (ESL) simplifies the work of sales staff and reduces pricing errors to a minimum.